Monday, 28 May 2012

For you with oily eyelids' problem.

Wanna make your make up stay all day?
Watch this video!
If you can't access the video, go to this website :

She has a super great idea for girls with oily eyelids' problem, it can make your eyeshadows and eyeliner stay all day!. You can feel pretty all day long! Super awesome!

Gue udah nyoba seperti yang direkomendasikan oleh video ini. And, viola!! it works! it really really works!
Bedanya dia menggunakan blot powder from mac, gue nyoba pake bedak padat dari estee lauder. Efeknya sama kok. Pake bedak padat sebelum menggunakan eyeshadows atau eyeliner, bisa membuat eyeshadows dan eyeliner tahan lebih lama! Cuma gue tetep pengen nyoba mac blot powder. It'll be amazing! Thanks to her. Now i can handle my oily eyelids! You should try it too!!

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