Sunday, 28 June 2015

Weekend Getaway!! OTTD

Well, Heeellloooo everyone.
First of all, happy fasting to all of the muslims in the world.
Hope all of us having a fantastic ramadhan.

Now, now..
This saturday, which is yersterday.
I awas going to this new resort/ plaza/mall.
I dont really know what it is.
But its a place where theres shopping placs..
cafes, resorts, beaches and hotels.

Its just open, i believe its was last month.
I dont really know.
All i know there was this big event when it was opening.
Like a lot of indonesians singers and band are invited.
Sadly i missed everything about it, because of my works.
So yeah. I just got the time to go to that place
Which is called Lagoi Bay, this saturday.
It was a hot day. Very very hot.
And the hotness of the day made me sicks.
Right now i am in my cold, which is getting better. Thank God.

When i arrived there, there are not a lot people hanging around.
Maybe because it still new or whatever.
The place was beautiful. Very fun place to hang around.
To just relax. Except the heat of the sun that day.
And yes i am planning to go there again with my bestie..
Hopefully i can share the happiness i am having next time with you here.
If not, you can always check it on my instaagram: ceceh_rika

Well, lets get to the outfit.
Thank God, i'm wearing a casual look.
Because there was a lot of walking.
Sneakers just the best at this moment!

So my neon knitted sheer sweater is from zara.
I bought the black skort from @ichalycious on instagram
the bag also bought from instagram @ayubrandedbags
As you can see, i love shopping through instagram. Yaeh girl!! LOL
the sneaker i bought it in a local store in Tnajungpinang.
Sorry i dont remember the name of the store.
But if you live in tanjungpinang, it is at the Pinang City walk.
They are pretty easy to find.

So, yeah, here are the pitures of my hot sunny day outfit.
and see next time! bye my loves xoxo


Thursday, 25 June 2015

Perfect Sunny Day. (OOTD)

I was going on a little getaway on weekdays.
Because of the bored (nothing to do) day.
Me and my friend take a ride.
And we arrived to this beautiful temple in my hometown.
That temple have alots of giants statues.
Even big big giant dragon.
So its kinda became a placewhere tourists came.
Its was a very hot and humid day.
its really hard to not squeeze my eyes.
But, its was amazing. I had a fun time.
And here are my outfit of the day pictures.


Sunday, 14 June 2015

Sporty Casual Look : OOTD

Happy Sunday everyone!I hope all of us are surround by happiness all the time.
The weather in Tanjungpinang is very cold.
Its windy and raining whole day.
The sun seems to be hidden today.

Today i'm posting about my outifts.
An outfit that is perfect for windy weather. So we dont catch a cold. Lol
The outfits are very comfortable for someone like me,
who is doing a lot of errand even though its raining outside.
We gotta work babe!. To make some money. haha

Now, the top that im wearing is from Zara.
The dark blue jeans is from Mark and Spencer.
If you have a hard time finding a perfect jeans or long pants.
Check the things from mark & spencer.
They are available in a lot of big sizes.
I am not sponsored or anything. Just giving some suggestion.
Because before i found Mark and spencer,
My jeans collection are very limited.
And also, Mark and spencer has a lot of colorfull jeans.
So if you are bored with the same color. Check them out.
They change my jeans collection alot.
They are pretty expensive. But i think they worth the investment.

Here are some of the pictures of my OOTD.


thankyou for reading..
Love you xoxo
See on the next post <3 p="">

Friday, 12 June 2015

Leather Jacket and Dress

How you guys been doing?

A little story that i am going to tell
I made  new friend. Well, actually he is working at my cafe now
Thats how i know him

I found out lately the he loves taking pictures
So, its been a week now.
and he's been taking a lot of pictures with me.

Hopefully, i can make more outfits post in the future
I think its gonna be easy because he is helping me. Finger cross!

These are the pictures of my outfit of the day. OOTD.

An edgy leather jacket pair with a dress
actually this outfits are worn a lot in the past
because obviously, its my favorite outfit.
Its suits for any kind of ocassions.
I can wear them at night and in the morning.
For colds rainy weather and hot sunny day.
Hope you guys enjoy this post.
And i will see you all next time. Bye. xoxo

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Soap and glory review : One heck of a blot powder

Helloo. Today i am going to review a blot powder. As you all know, blot powder is a powder that suppose to keep your face matte. So if you have dry skin. You might have to skip this kind of product. But if you have oily skin? This is one of the product that alot of people, beauty gurus loving. That is the reason that i bought this powder on the very first place. It came in a very characteristic packaging. Typical soap n glory. Love the packaging. The texture of the powder is very smooth and mild. Loves the texture. It doesnot have any scent. So if you dont like scented product, you dont have to worry about this one, because this product dont have any scent. Came in with a mirror and a puff. Which i lost the puff. Typical me. Hahhaha

Now, it does keep my face matte. It applies beautifully on my face. I really really wish i can love them. But, after 3 days of putting them on my face. I starting to have bumps. Specially on my forehead. Which is annoying. Because this product is a very good one. But sadly, it just not working for me. 

But, i do still use them. Like i said before, i have extremely crazy oily eyelids. So would use this blot powder after i put my eye primer. Which this poduct works exactly the same as the MAC blot powder, but less coverage. The colour of the powder is a perfect match for me. Its not too dark like the one from MAC. 

I did talk about the oily eyelids problem before. Please check them out, if you think your eyeshadows or you eyeliner creases. 

Back to the powder. I would give it a five stars, if its not breaking me out. And if there are no bumps coming out. So i think for what it says about it suppose to blot your face, keep them matte, i think this product doing an amazing job. 

Hope my reviews about the powder are helpfull. Thanks for reading, and see you guys next time, on my another product review. Thanks.. Bye my loves.. Xoxo

Friday, 15 August 2014

A little something for you.

Hei. Untuk kalian semua yang udah mau baca postingan gak jelas yang selama ini gue buat. Bener2, makasi banyak.

Gue barusan aja ngebaca beberapa postingan gue sebelum nya. Well, some of them bikin gue ngakak sih. Some of them jg bikin gue sadar kalo selama ini tingkat kedewasaan gue itu rendah banget. Gue sadar akan apapun yang terjadi hari ini, akan ada efeknya dimasa yang akan datang. 

Apapun masalah kehidupan, semua org harus ngejalani nya. Gak cuma gue, dan juga gak cuma elo. 

Kadang kita emang ngerasa capek, ngerasa gak dingertiin, ngerasa terbuang, or maybe ngerasa kesepian. Tapi, coba kita pikir sekali lagi, mungkin dibalik semua penderitaan yang lo kira ada itu, ada banyak banget kebahagian yang gak lo syukuri. Yang lo lupakan begitu aja karena lo cuma fokus sama semua penderitaan lo. Yang mana penderitaan itu mungkin cuma sesaat aja.

Well, gue yakin lo semua udah pernah denger kalo sedih itu gak selamanya dan senang pun gak selamanya. So, be prepared. 

Melihat kesekitar elo. Itu kalimat yang sampe detik ini pun paling sulit untuk gue lakukan. Karena untuk mengerti tentang semua yang ada disekitar lo itu butuh pemikiran yang banyak. Sedangkan manusia sebegitu penuhnya dengan keterbatasannya. 

But, this is life. Kita gak boleh berhenti belajar for a better 'me'. Jadi, kalimat 'melihat kesekitar' itu bener2 diperlukan. Menurut gue sih. Dengan begitu, lo bisa belajar tentang banyak hal dan mengerti tentang banyak hal.

Banyak yang bilang. Be good is enough. Bener. Emang enough. Tpi untuk be good, lo harus tau sekitar lo. Lo harus mengerti diposisi apa lo skg. Be good itu sendiri pun punya syarat. 

Sulit? Menurut gue bukan kesulitannya yang menahan seseorang untuk bisa jdi dirinya yang lebih baik. Tpi tingkat kesabaran, karena be good gak bisa terjadi dalam sehari. Dan jg gak bisa hanya terjadi untuk satu hari. Kita semua maunya pasti be good for forever. 

So, lets take our time. Everybody can be good. We just need to start it today. Pain and fears might a problem on your way. But, if everybody on earth can handle the pain and fears, so why cant we?

Who ever you are out there. I hope we can be our better self. Bless you all.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Aku sayang kamu. Tapi kamu. Ya gitu itu.

Udah lama gak nulis di blog. Kebanyakan pasang2 foto2. Sok ala2 fashoinista yg penuh dusta. Haelaah. Hahaha. Okay2. Kita jangan bahas2 yg gak penting, biar kata ini postingan kayaknya bener2 gak bakal ada gunanya atau efek apapun buat lo semua. But, at least (heak, gaya gue pake bahas inggris segala) yah gue bisa lebih tenang, damai, tentram dan tersenyum kembali. Sorry yah, si penulis blog ini lagi galau..jadi harap maklum aja kalo isinya alay2 lebay2 iyuh2.. hahaha

Kenapa gue bikin postingan ini? Yah karena gue galau keleeuusss. Pengen crita. Siapin tisu kalo lo berhati telenovela sinetron indonesia ya.. gue ditinggal pergi sama orang yg gue sayang. Kalian semua jangan tepok tangan ya pas gue ngomong begitu. Kesianin lah gue yg imut dan baik hati ini. Hahaha. Back to the topic, kita berdua udh berhubungan deket sekitar dua bulan. Dia gak pernah seharipun gak ngabarin. Selalu care. Kalau diinget2 memori bareng dia. Gue bisa nangis lagi men. Tisu mana tisuuu!!!

Cowok yg selalu ngingetin sholat. Hampir tiap hari bareng elo. Gue masih inget sampai detik ini, dia pernah bilang dia sayang sama gue, dia serius sama gue, dia gak akan pernah php-in gue. Then, one day, gue tanya ttg hubungan kita itu sebenernya gimana sih? Kamu mau jadian gak sih sama aku? Lo tau si kampret ini jawab apa? Mau. Mau banget malah. Aku serius. Tapii...nah ini dia nih.. ada tapinya men. Tapi apa iya kamu mau kita jadian disaat aku lagi sibuk kayak gini? Kemudian, dia bilang, sampai aku selesai tes(jgn kepo dan nanya dia tes apaan), kasih aku waktu. Kamu sampai waktu itu jangan berubah ya. Ah, bullshit! Apa buktinya? Fyi aja yah anak gaol seindonesia ini, cowok kampret ini, dia gagal tes! Dan? Dia tanpa alasan apapun, tanpa perkelahian sengit, tanpa masalah, dia tiba2 hilang kabar dan pada saat gue cewek bego, tolol yg sekarang cuma bisa belumuran ingus dimuka gue, nelpon dia sebanyak 7 kali. Gue inget dengan pasti, 7 kali. Dan dia sama sekali gak angkat. Gue sms gak bales, gue bbm jg gak diread. Luar biasa, semua omongannya dia yang udah setinggi langit, semuanya bullshit. Semuanya bohong. Pelajaran aja buat kita semua, siapapun yg baca postingan ini. Banyak banget orang didunia ini yang bisa bohong sama elu. So be aware. Jangan karena dia bertingkah manis ke elo, lo kira dia baik bin malaikat. Waspada itu tetep penting. Jangan jadi kayak gue, yg akhirnya di hari ultah gue sendiri, gue nulis postingan ini dengan amarah yg berkibar2 udah kayak bendera merah putih.

So, akhir cerita, gue dihari ultah gue ini, gue cuma mau bilang. Gue sayang banget sama dia. Tpi dia gak pantes buat gue sayangin..karena ya dia sama sekali gak menghargai perasaan gue. Guys, kalo si doi emang care sama lo, emang sayang sama lo. Dia gak bakal ninggalin lo begitu aja. Dia bakal berusaha bertahan tetep bareng lo, sesusah apapun keadaannya.. setidaknya dia bakal cerita ttg alasan apapun itu yg menghadang hubungan lo. Dan pastinya dia gak bakal gantungin elo, spt gue digantungin sama cowok kampret itu

Overall, gue mau bilang thanks udah hadir dalam hidup gue. Lo udah ngasih feel ke gue yang luar biasa. Yang belum tentu bisa gue dapet saat gue sama orang lain. Gue tetep bersyukur ketemu elu. Yah, this is the moment to say goodbye. Mudah2an hidup gue lebih bahagia daripada elo..hahahaha tetep yah men, gue tetep emosi. Setidaknya setelah postingan ini ter post. Gue bisa lebih lega dan lebih tenang

Harapan gue, ya gue bisa nemu seseorang yg sayang sama gue dan jauh lebih better daripada dia yg udah pernah nyakitin gue. Dan buat dia yang udah pernah nyakitin gue, semoga dapet pasangan yang tidak lebih baik daripada gue. Hahahaha. Wish everybody the best aja

Mudah2an besok gue bisa lebih ceria ngadepin hidup gue yg udah dia teror. Semoga besok, berlimpah kebahagian buat gue. Amiinn.. last but not least.. waspada aja buat kalian2 yg sdg PDKT. Hati2. Banyak orang2 brengsek yg bisa nyakitin kalian..semoga kita semua belajar dari postingan ini utk jadi lebih baik dan teliti. Termasuk gue. Okay, thanks udah mau baca postingan alay iyuh ini. Wish you a very nice day. :)