Friday, 28 February 2014

Revlon super lustrous lipstick Review in Pink Cloud and Pink In the Afternoon

Hello my loves.
Its been a while since i posted a blog post.
how you guys have been doing?
Hope all of you had a wonderful february. xoxo

Today i'm gonna do a review.
And yes its a lipsticks review again.
Because i just so in love with lipstick.
Tell me in the comment, what is your favorite lipstick of february.
I would love to know what is your favorite.

The lipstick that i'm reviewing on is from Revlon.
a got two of them that i gonna review on.

First one,
is the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Creme in 415 Pink in the afternoon.
Second, is the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Shine in 801 Pink Cloud.
Both of them came in the same packaging.
A very usuall packaging from revlon. A rounded tube with gold line in the middle with
revlon written on it.
The top of the tube is clear so you can see the colour from outside.
It doesnot have any scent. As you can tell from the pictures,
i used them a lot. Because i love them so much.
Especially the Pink in the afternoon.
I really like the formula, its very creamy, very moisturizing.
in Love with these lipstick.
I used them every single day to work.
They are absolutely amazing.
And they are so affordable. With an amazing quality. what can go wrong with that?
i would love to try another colour from this line.

They are not the most long lasting lipstick but i dont mind re applying them over again.
They stay for quite some time. Approximately for two hours.
They didnt make my lips look dry eventhough i didnt use any lip balm before it.
Which is nice.

here are the swacthes on my hand.
on the right is the pink in the afternoon and on the left is the Pink Cloud.

Here are some pictures of how they look on me. :)

This one is the Pink Cloud.
They kinda similar to the revlon colorburst lipstick in cupcakes.
If you are familiar with that.
And if you want a lipstick with that kind of colour but you want something cheaper?
Go with this one instead.

And these are the pictures of Pink in the afternoon on me.

Thank you for reading dear :)
Have a nice day.

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Friday, 7 February 2014

OOTD : Floral Dress

Hello sweethearts and happy friday!!
Woohoo. i wish all of us for a fun and blessed friday :)

This is my OOTD.
I am obsessed with this floral dress.
Very girly and sweet.
Very appropriate for valentine's day :)

 I got this dress from forever 21.

thank you for reading.
Love you all. :)


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Sunday, 2 February 2014

3 tips to make your eyeshadows/eyeliner stay longer. (OILY EYELIDS PROBLEM)

Good Morning my loves.
Happy Second of February to you all :)

I've doing my research on how to make eyeshadows or eyeliner stay longer,
especially on oily eyelids for probably around 2 to 3 years. Because i have oily eyelids and
just like everybody else, i want my eyeshadows and my eyeliner to stay and not like going
everywhere all over my face.
When your eyeshadows just still creases no matter how much money you spent on
eyeshadows. Or any kind of liner just don't work for you, and you've already
wasting so much money on trying tons of eyeliner and they still creases and go on top
of your lids or under your eye area?
well, sweetheart i have that problems too. And i know how annoying it felt when your eyeliner
just move to places they shouldnot be.

For few years, i've been crazy to find solution for eye makeup to stay in place.
And right now, i have three solutions. Since then, my eye makeup does stay in place.

They are the eye shadows primer.
My recommendation are The urban decay primer potion and the too face shadows insurance.
Both of them do great job of making your shadows not only stay longer in place but
also make your shadows giving more colour pay off.
For me, putting on eyeshadows primer before applying my eyeshadows or eyeliner is a must.
Because with out them, my shadows or liners just creases so badly.

I bought them online, because urban decay and too face are not available in indonesia yet.

The Blot powders. The one that i recommend is from MAC.
I know they are expensive, but when you used them only on your eyelids,
they will last for a great amount of time.
I don't use the MAC blot powder on my face, because
first, the colour doesn't match me (and there are only two colours available in indonesia).
Second, i did use them several times before, and they made me break out.
so i don't really used them on my face.
But for making your shadows stay longer, they does do a great job for that.
You can apply the blot powder before the eyeshadows/eyeliner or after.
To make sure they really stay you can put in before and after applying shadows or liner.

I bought them from SEIBU (in Grand Indonesia Shopping town). Or you can also find them at
Pacific Place and Plaza Senayan (For jakarta - Indonesia only)

These are my recent discovery.
they actually just available in  indonesia. i know its like way too late than other country.
They are the maybeline color tatoo.
If you dont want to spent money on eyeshadows primer or blot powder
because they are pretty expensive, you can try out one of these.
When you put them underneath your eyeshadows or your eyeliner.
They make them stay in place. And also they comes with beautiful colours.
That very wearable for everyday uses.
I got them in bad to the bronze and the Bold Gold.
They are stunning as eyeshadows and they are also very stunning as an eyeshadows primer.
I think they worth of an investment.

Maybeline counters are available in almost every mall in jakarta. They are very easy to find.
In jakarta they only come in 5 shades/colours. In tanjungpinang (sumatra) you can buy it
at a little counter in the Pasaraya 21. (Sorry, Indonesia only, because i stay in Indonesia).
But, you can always buy them online :)

The amazing part is.
They work amazing by themselve to keep the eye makeup stay in place.
But, When i put three of them (eyeshadows primer, maybeline color tatto and the mac blot powder) together. They make an even better staying power. My eye makeup stay all day. :)

I hope these tips can help you all.
thank you for reading my loves.

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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Three Months in Jakarta

Hello my lovelies :)
Happy Chinese New Year and also Happy February to all of us! :)
Wish Everyone a blessed year :) xoxo

If you guys already read few of my last posts,
you might know that i've been in jakarta for around 4 years.
and then i move back to my hometown for 10 months.
Then after that i go back to jakarta again to learn about accupuncture.
And thanks to my Alloh, i past the test.
Well, i still have one last test on april.
But for now i back in my hometown again.

I feel very relax. Things are a
little bit easier here than in jakarta.
Because, jakarta is a big old city with full of people.
Too many things had to be done in one time in jakarta.
So i pretty relax now. haha.
I'm starting to get back on my routine here.

Well, right now i wanna share things i've done in jakarta for these last few months.
Sudddenly, after i edited these pictures. I realize how lucky i am.
Having friends beside me everytime i needed them.
I feel very blessed.
in three months i had lots of fun. And also, it was my very first time having
a new year party at jakarta with my friends.
I did attend to two wedding parties.
Blessed them. And hope both couples with tons of happiness :)

Here are those pictures. xoxo

Thanks for reading and hope you guys have a wonderful chinese new year
Happy february :)
and see you all in my next post :)

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