Monday, 28 May 2012


waking up extremly early today. As usually, today i hang out with my friends. Bedanya hari ini ditemani dengan "new friend". We talk a lot. Walk a lot. Window shopping a lot. Hahaha. Biasa akhir bulan, yang belanja cuma the "new friend". Old member cuma liat-liat aja. *nelen ludah*

What outfit that i'm wearing? Yang pasti pake baju lah yah. Gak mungkin telanjang.
I'm extremely crazy about blazer. jadi yah, outfit kali ini masie pake blazer. :)

with old bestiee (left) and "new friend" (right)

the late birthday present darii kakak wewe gombel..

Yang special dari hadiah tahun ini adalah, gue disuruh sendiri hadiahnya. Dia baik sekalii. Tadinya mau minta satu unit mercedes benz. Tapi karena gue berhati baik jadinya gak jadi deh. :p
Makasie banyak yah kakak wewe gombel. xoxoxo :) :)


  1. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! I love your style, you look so good in all of your outfits! So chic, yet laid-back.

    1. you are very welcome and thank you!! :) :)