Sunday, 26 January 2014

OOTD : Blue Polkadot Peplum

Hello my sweethearts.

i just got back from my hom town last week.
meeting a lot of friends, and i had a lot of fun.
Right now, i'm dealing with my accupuncture exams.
tomorrow is the last one.
and i cannot wait for my little party with my bestfriend tomorrow
after i finish my exam.
cant wait for that.
but right now, gotta deal with my last exam.

Okay so today i'm gonna post my OOTD.
actually its my very first peplum that i ever owned.
so here are the pictures of it.

The Peplum shirt and the short jean are from Zara, the handbag from charles and keith and the black flat shoes are from the little things she needs. :)
Hope you enjoy this post. Have a nice weekend, sweethearts. :)

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Thursday, 9 January 2014

MAC : Rihanna (RIRI) collection lipstick in Who's That Chick's Review.

Hello sweethearts.
How are you all?
I hope all of you are having an awesome week. x

In this post, i'm gonna do another lipstick review.
i know i just did a bobbi brown one. and now i'm doing another lipstick review.
But, because this is a new collection from MAC.
And it is very new to Indonesia, i wanna share it as soon as possible about it.

So here it is, the MAC Riri collection (Rihanna) lipstick in Who's That Chick.
Hahaha. I know the name of the lipstick is very interesting.
Very cute and funny at the same time.

Okay, first of all. Lets take a minute, and look at the packaging.
Oh my gosh, it is so beautiful. Its like a rose gold bullet.
I am in love with this packaging.
This packaging, by far, its my favorite lipstick packaging of all time.
it is so beautiful.
And yes, i'm kinda bought it because of the packaging.
But, the colour of the lipstick also made me wanna have it in my makeup collection. :)
It has a Rihanna sign on the lipstick and also on the packaging of course.

This lipstick actually is my very first MAC lipstick.
I really wanted to try MAC lipstick, because a lot of people already talk about it
but they are kinda expensive for a lipstick.
At the end, i just bought it and really pleased by it.

This lipstick also is the only that i bought from the RIRI collection.

This lipstick has a very interesting colour. Which i dont have in my collection.
Its not just an orange/tangerine or peach, or any usual colour on other lipstick.
its orange. yes. But it has this golden shine. Slightly greenish gold.
Its a very bold colour. So it doesn't go with any eye look.
when i put a lot of eye makeup, this lipstick would be too much for whole make up look.
so, because the colour of the lipstick is very bold, i suggest to be very minimize with the eye makeup look.

The colour of this lipstick is just amazing.
it might not be a colour for everyone. Well, not everybody would like to put this kind of colour on their lips.
But for me, i do like it. I think its very new. Its like an adventurous colour. Because i usually just go with
a natural look, like nude peach or nude pink. This one made a difference for me.
So, if you are like me who is in love with nude lipstick and you wanna go a little bit adventurous on
your lipstick.try out this one.
It can be use for daily basis, but just remember to be aware of the eye makeup look.
because it will make you like a colourfull clown if you are not becareful with it.
or you can just sheer it out. It still look very pretty even when it sheered out.

The lipstick is very creamy. But by time it will kinda dry my lips out. So remember to use a lip balm
before it. we dont want that nasty dryness be invisible right?

The lasting power of the lipstick is very nice. Approximately around 3 to 4 hours.
And when the lipstick is sheering out, it gave a nice tint to the lips.
It also has some scent to it. not an overpowering scent. its like an usuall lipstick scent.
i suggest to give it a sniff before buying it, if you are someone who dont like scented lipstick.

Here are the swatches :) :)

So thats all for my review. 
If you wanna see other beauty products review that i've done,
you can find it in the label part of my blog.
Thank you for reading.
See you on my next post my sweethearts. 

Monday, 6 January 2014

Bobbi Brown Lipstick in Sandwash Pink Review & OOTD

Hi Hi Hi!!
I still cannot believe that 2013 is gone.
Time flies really fast. hohoho
It was a great year.
Let's pray for a better and more amazing things will happen in 2014 for all of us.

In this little post, i'm gonna talk about bobbi brown lipstick and my OOTD.
hope you enjoy reading!

I dont really know the line of the lipstick from bobbi brown, but i think is the rouge a levres one.
i might be wrong though. But, its the one that came in a square packaging.
this bobbi brown lipstick is the very first high end lipstick that i bought.
i have it in my makeup collection for a very long time.
for me the colour is like my lips but better.

The packaging is very chic. Like an usuall lipstick. with black and gold.
pretty simple. nothing really special about the packaging, doesn't mean i dont like it.

now for the colour i got the one in 'sandwash pink'
here are some of the swatches. :)

the lipstick is very creamy, glide on like butter. Its a matte lipstick. It has some scent to it.
not very overwhelming, i dont mind about the scent at all. but if you dont like lipstick with a scent,
before buying it i suggest you to give it a sniff.
the staying power of the lipstick is very good. it stay for few hours. so i didnt re-apply it over and over.
over all, its a very good quality lipstick. it gives a nice hydration to my lips without looking glossy.
so its like, it was my lip colour. which is a plus point for me. it doesnt dry out my lips.
i didnt see a nasty dryness on my lips. But i did moisturise my lips with a lipbalm before i put it on.

Its a very good lipstick for everyday natural look.

okay, now lets move on to the OOTD.
its OOTD of yesterday actually.
yesterday, i meet up with my old buddies. my collage friends.
i havenot meet them for a year. so it was a blast.
i did not have the picture of us, because we didnt take a picture.
probably because wa had so much fun talking, chit chat.
so we forgot to take a picture.
but i was super fun. we ate some asian food at rice bowl.
and then we watch movie, which is the 47 ronin.
nice movie. i like it. you guys should go and watch it. it is about japan history.
there are some magic, monsters, and stuffs like that.
pretty awesome. XD

And last we did had a coffee.
so here are my picture for my OOTD yesterday. :)

i put on a 'SWAG 77' shirt with floral prints from bershka, the jeans short is from zara.

thank you so much for reading.
hope you guys enjoy.
have a nice day!! xoxoxo

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love you,

Saturday, 4 January 2014

The Balm Nude Tude Review

Hello my sweethearts..
how is your new year??
Two days ago i got sick. but its not a big deal.
Just cold. so i've been home for like two days now.
right now, i am so much better.. :))

now, today i'm gonna do a review for the balm nude tude eyeshadows pallete.
which everybody already talk about it. but still i wanna give my opinion about it.
i have this pallete for a few months. probably three or four months.
i've been using it for quite some time. multiple times.
and i really really loving it.

First, the pallete itself came with an interesing packaging.
not looking like a high end product. but its quite unique.

it has 12 eyeshadows. 4 of them are matte. and the rest are shimmery. 
the packaging is very travel friendly. very sleek. 
my favorite eyeshadows would be the snobby : which is the gold one, sexy : purple/burgundy matte, and the
saasy : white shimmering one. but all of them are nice for everyday look or even for a night out look.
all of the shadows are very pigmented and creamy. a little bit fall out. especially the black matte shadows(serious). but you can always put your foundation last after the shadows are on the eyes.

they are very lovely. worth the price. the brush it came with is also very usable. nice quality.

here are the swatches.

i hope this post would be usefull.
thanks for reading.
hope you all have an awesome new year!! <3 div="">

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Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Hello my dear lovely ones,
today i wanna share with you all about things that i did before the new year eve.
what places that i go, what outfits that i wore , food and etc..
And also about my little tiny new year eve's party. <3 p="">
Now let's start from the outfits that i wore. Well because for me, thats the fun part!
I'm wearing a leather jacket from forever 21. its my very first leather jacket.
and i am obsessed! i think its so edgy. and pretty rock n roll.
i never really try this kind of style. and i'm liking it a lot!
it was so comfy yet also stylish (well at least for me it is, lol)
and somehow it shows another part of me, that probably nobody know about.
I also never thought that it would suited me. but at the end of the day, its my favorite outfit of the year!
i paired it with a grey tank top from new look. it is also my very first tank top with studded and graphic.
Totally obsessed with it. And i cannot wait to collect more graphic tank top.

i wanted the look to be all black. because i'm just feeling like doing it. haha
so i paired it with legging and a black ankle boots. and thats also my very first boots.

now, for the bag. i wore a studded bag to make it more and more edgy. and for accesories i go
with a few rings and mini rings. With a rose gold guess watch. And i'm wearing the revlon just bitten
kisable balm stain in precious.

before me and my friends start the new year eve's party. we actually go shopping and i bought a
jean short from zara. Because they are on sale, and i dont have a jean short yet, so i was thinking
that it would be a nice investment on my wardrobe.
The three of us had a dinner at fish n co, kota kasablanka mall. And this is what i ate. a new york's fish n chips and a lime juice. I didn't take picture of what my friends ate. but incase you were wondering what they ate, it was BBQ chicken wings, the best fish n chips, lemon tea and a hot cappucino.

oh, i almost forgot. I'm actually in jakarta right now. i'm not at my home. because i'm here
to learn some accupuncture and chinesse medicine. wish me luck. and my very first wish for this year is i
want to finish my accupuncture lessons this month(january). wish me luck for the exam!! <3 p="">
now the most fun part is.
The new year eve's party!!!
we were going to the cheese cake factory to celebrate it.
we watch fireworks and release a sky latern. which, it was my very first time releasing sky latern.
it was so much fun!! we had a blast!!

these are the cakes that we ate.

and here are some photos of us.
i was celebrating it with rengga. i know him approximately for five years
and this our first new year eve's party. he is so funny and we laugh a lot.
 and i'm also celebrating it with akbar.
i know him for only two days,  but he is just so funny and so friendly. i'm so blessed that i can
celebrate the new year with both of them.

and the last thing that i wanna share is. who is my inspiration for my outfits. and they are
claire marshall and jennim from the youtube.

wish all of you have an awesome new year!!
happy new year 2014 my loves!!! xoxoxo <3 p="">

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music i listened the most lately :
Rehab -Rihanna
Sexy can i - Ray J ft Yung berg
Your heart beats - slow magic
i'm coming home - mashup germany