Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Five outfits of the week!!

Hello hello helllooooo.. >.< hehehe

I just got back from jakarta. And i actually got this sweater from jakarta also. I bought it at Bershka.
Love it so much, and i think its the perfect sweater for monday.
And the shoes, is my very very favorite right now. the floral printed shoes and the necklace are both from new look.

I'm feeling very cheerful, thats whay i combine lots of colour in one look. and in that day
i just wanna go crazy all day. lol. The yellow british flag shirt, i bought it last year (i think, i dont really remember when) , when i was at johor bahru, malaysia. The black jean pants is my mom homemade pants. hehehe. And the red shoes are from zara.

Its a very cold day for me. it was raining all day. Thats why i decided to wear this green(minty) coloured sweater. Its from
forever 21. and the black shorts are also homemade by my lovely beautiful momma. hehhee..
the ankle boots are from my local town store.

I'm feeling rock an roll babes! lol. Shirt is from new look. Legging and ankle boots are from my
hometown local store.

Last.... Is Fridaayyy.. TGIF!!
I was going out with two of my besties to karaoke and we did eat a lot of chicken steak. (guilty)
But it was fun. And i am so sorry because i forgot to wear my flat shoes in the pictures.
But it was just a plain blue flat shoes. The dress is from zara, the white cropped cardigan is from the body &
soul. I bought the necklace online in instagram. :))

i had a very fun week! hope you guys had it too.
Thank you for reading. And see you all on my next post. hehehe

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Love you all my lovelies..
Have a nice day!!

Friday, 18 October 2013

NYX Soho Glam Collection, NYX Single Eyeshadows and NYX Eye Primer Review.

Hello my loves!
Its been a long time i haven't posted anything.
A lot of excuses including my laziness. lol.
but, today i wanna share to you guys, my very first review.
I read a lot of beauty reviews. And i'm thinking of posting some of them.
I hope this review will help you. If you wanna buy some of them. ^^
All of the products that i'm gonna review about is from the NYX.
I didn't get any sponsored from nyx or anything. I bought them with my own money.
Its the nyx soho glam collection/palette, nyx single eyeshadows and the nyx eye primer

Okay. Let's get start it.
First. Is the NYX single eyeshadows.
I have two of them. One in violet and one in blue marine.
Violet is a purple-pink eyeshadows. And blue marine is a deep blue. Almost like a navy blue.
Actually the blue one is a birthday gift from my very best friend. Thank you my love!
The single shadows are amazing. Both of them are very pigmented, very creamy and very easy to blend
on the eyelids. it came in a very chic packaging. i love all about it.
They came in a good amount of shadows. So it will last for a long time.
Both of them are very recommended from me. I really wanna try the other colour
from the single eyeshadows. I love them both! ^^

Second, is the NYX soho glam collection.
it has 52 eyeshadows, 8 lip colors, 4 blushes, 2 lipglosses, and one lip liner.

The Swatches. 

The eyeshadows are nice. But not as good as the single eyeshadows.
Some of the pigmentation are awesome, and some of them are okay.
The eyeshadows are repetitive. A lot of them are in the same colours. like the grey,
they are pretty much the same.
so its like you're having 4 or 5 same shades in one palette.
I wish it came with more colours.
They are more powdery than the single shadows.
But, i do like the red/burgundy one. they are amazing!! The rose gold also great.

The lip colours and the lip glosses, i must say. I am not a fan. It was okay.
Not like the most horrible lip product.
But i don't feel like using it. They are kinda sticky. And i don't like the scents of it.
They came in two shades. One a purple-pink-ish and the other one in a very sheer cool tone pink.
I prefer the purple-pink lip gloss than the sheer pink one, because its more creamy and noticeable
on the lips. The colour itself are pretty. You can blend it with any other lipsticks. But, the scent is kinda chemical/cosmetic-yyy. I prefer it came without any scent at all.
Here are the swatches of the lip liner(left) and the two lipglosses (right)

The lip liner is awesome. I do really like it. It came with a nude pink colour.
glide on very smooth. The colour, its like your lip but better colour.
I do love it.

The Bluses are also very nice. Very easy to blend. And they are also very pigmented.
You get 4 beautiful blushses in one palette. What can go wrong with that.
Over all, i would give this palette 4 stars. Because, even though its not the most amazing
palette i ever use, but i can still use it on daily basis.
The palette itself kinda heavy. but, still very travel friendly.

Last, its the eye prime/ eye shadows base.
Oh gosh. I must say i hate it!
Sorry NYX.
But it is so bad. First of all, i have an oily eyelids. So, i need a primer that will make
my shadows stay.
When i use this primer, my shadows creases more than when i didn't use primer at all.
It is the worse feeling ever. My shadows goes everywhere.


I hope my reviews will help you all. Have a nice day, my loves! See you in other my posts!

Note : All of the pictures are taken and edited by me.
My instagram : cecerika
Twitter : Ceceh_rika

Love you. XOXO

Saturday, 5 January 2013

i want to ask.

Hello. First of all i wanna say... HAPPY NEW YEAR!! And Hello to 2013.
today i just wanna ask you all about face foundations or tinted moisturizer.
i have oily skin.

if you have skin type like me, which of these two that you will choose.
i really need a recommend from all of you.
i used clarins foundation before, well, until now actually. but, i want something new, that can give me more glow and, of course it won't break my skin out.

the first one is chanel vitalumiere aqua

 the second one is a tinted moisturizer from laura mercier.

please give your comment about this. i really wanted a new one. :) And also if you got some foundations or tinted moisturizers to recommend for me, please tell me down below in the comment. :)
thank you.

And also, i wanna share a video with you all. it was made by my friends. Please watch it. It'll be a big help. Its about the disabled children who need help. Especially for you guys who stayed at indonesia. Thank you.
Just click the link : http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=572389416108309

Cinta untuk Mama
Singer / Courtesy : Kevin

Once again thank you , hope you all have a nice day. :) And Happy new year!!