Saturday, 5 January 2013

i want to ask.

Hello. First of all i wanna say... HAPPY NEW YEAR!! And Hello to 2013.
today i just wanna ask you all about face foundations or tinted moisturizer.
i have oily skin.

if you have skin type like me, which of these two that you will choose.
i really need a recommend from all of you.
i used clarins foundation before, well, until now actually. but, i want something new, that can give me more glow and, of course it won't break my skin out.

the first one is chanel vitalumiere aqua

 the second one is a tinted moisturizer from laura mercier.

please give your comment about this. i really wanted a new one. :) And also if you got some foundations or tinted moisturizers to recommend for me, please tell me down below in the comment. :)
thank you.

And also, i wanna share a video with you all. it was made by my friends. Please watch it. It'll be a big help. Its about the disabled children who need help. Especially for you guys who stayed at indonesia. Thank you.
Just click the link :

Cinta untuk Mama
Singer / Courtesy : Kevin

Once again thank you , hope you all have a nice day. :) And Happy new year!!