Friday, 14 September 2012

July and August Favorites!!

I know its very late for favorites product of the month. But, better late than never, right?

So lets start! :) :)

First is foundation. Actually this is the very first foundation that i ever use. My mom bought it for me. and its CLARINS Natural Radiance Foundations. Well, i like it. It doesn't give full coverage, just medium. Because some of my acne spots are still visible. But, it feels very light and natural. And i dont have to use a lot of amount of it. Just a little bit and it goes through all of my face. And it also smells very nice. I'm using in the colour = ivory. :)

Second is my CLARINS Loose Powder. I'm gonna mention a lot of clarins' product. hahaha. Well, before using clarins loose powder, i'm using the body shop loose powder for around 1 or 2 years. At first, it was very fine using the body shop one, but then this past few months, i've been having breakouts. So, i change the whole product for morning routine. And most of them are clarins' products now. I must say that clarins products are very nice. And it doesn't give me any breakouts. So, i'm in love with clarins now. :) :) Here is the picture of clarins loose powder that i use.


 Third .... aree my favorite eyeshadows. First is my couture colour eyeshadows palette from dior. In number 734. I've been using it so much. I'm in love with this product. love the colours, love the packaging.. Love love love...

Next eyeshadows is from NYX. The differences between this and dior is.... Dior  eyeshadows that i bought are the eyeshadows with shimmer and nyx one is without shimmer. Love the colour also, makes my eyes look very natural. Lovely eyeshadows. :)

Next one, is a baby lip balm from maybelline.. Its just a clear balm. i actually wanted the pink colour one because i watched it on you tube and it looks so cute, but that one aren't available in Indonesia. So, i just go on and try the clear one. it smells so good. Very mosturizing when you apply it. :) Actually the best part of this balm is the smell of it is so amazingly fresh. i got the orange one, so obviously it'll smell like orange. :)

Mascara, i got two favorite mascara. I'm using them both at the same time. Because each of them give me different function. First one is the max factor false lash effect mascara. This mascara is good for length. So if you want more length to yourr eyelashes, this is a good one.

Second mascara is the falsies from maybelline. In black. This mascara will give you more thickness. So if you want more drama to your eyelashes, like i do,, this mascara is perfect for that :) Well, i use the max factor mascara first to give me some length then i'll wait till it dry like around 30 seconds or more, then i'll apply the maybelline falsies to give more thickness and a full drama look eyelashes. :)

For Cleanser, i'm using the clarins one too. Best part is, i didn't breakout anymore after i change my beauty products. So if you have the acne problem. You could give it a try with clarins. :) But, it just in my opinion because i got better by changing my cleanser, my loose powder to clarins.

And last one is Perfume. And its from versace. I didn't brought the full size or the big size. I bought the smaller size. And i've been crazy about this scent. It so fresh. Elegant. :)

Songs that i've been listening (my favorites) :
Little mix - Wings
Cher Lloyd - Want You Back
Cher Lloyd - With Love
Bridgit Mendler - Ready or Not
Jasmine Ash - I Wished For You
Alicia Keys ft Nicki Minaj - Girl On Fire
Rachel Platten - Work of Art

I think thats all. Thank you for reading :) xoxoxo

Monday, 27 August 2012

7 *Fashion for Vacation*

Hei everyone..
I just got home from my little trip with my family. I was going to malaysia. The exact places in malaysia that i go are kuala lumpur, genting highland and johor bahru. And in this post i just wanna show you guys some of my outfits when i was in malaysia. :) :)

Just some casual outfits. Because i was doing lots of things,so casual and simple outfits are the best plan that i've can think of.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Pictures of the Week

Hello Hello Hello! :)
Today i wanna show you guys, some of my favorite pictures of the week. All of these pictures are taken and editted by myself. :) And some of these pictures already posted on my instagram (ceceh_rika).
I'm in my hometown right now. I've been very busy taking care of my grandmother. She kinda starting to forget things around her. Sometimes she keep asking who i am (she asking about me not herself). Where do i live. Somethin' like that. But, no matter what happened to her, i love her. Like, forever.
This is actually the very first post from me about pictures of the week. I've seen so many post like this and it seems so fun. So i'm planning to do it. And Here it is!
okay, so there's not much to tell. Just wanna show you guys these pictures. :)

just in case if you all wondering, who is she?? She is my one and only sister. Love her so much. :) :)

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Songs that i listened the most this week :
We are never ever getting back together - Taylor Swift
Picture to Burn - Taylor Swift
Pound the Alarm - Nicki Minaj
Could it be - Raisa
Harus Terpisah - Cakra Khan
Romance Is Dead - Paloma Faith

Monday, 13 August 2012

Things That I Love Right Now

its been a while,
i just lost my blackberry few weeks ago..and all of the pictures that i wanna upload on my blog are gone..
so i gotta start over. Instead of getting a new blackberry, i change my direction to iphone. Well, it because of i wanna show a lot of pictures to everyone right away with instagram (you can follow me : ceceh_rika) and also because i love to take pictures about almost everything and iphone got better camera. So, yes. I'm with iphone now.
not as much as i want to tell you all. but, here are some of my things that i love the most for now.

As you now, i'm very addicted to rings. I'm gonna show you, my favorite ring for now
This is it!
3 in 1. I love it so much. Been wearing it a lot, eventhough its kinda hard to move my finger as usual. But it was so worth it!

Well, this is me with the ring. Actually its not only the ring that i wanna show you, but also my haiiiiirrrrrr~~ .I change the colour of it. If you guys notice i was in light brown before and now i'm in black.. deeeeep black. I'm so happy that i got this colour. I love it so much.

okay. next. I've been watching on youtube and i'm falling in love with coloured jeans. Especially in the colour of pink. So, i've been searching a lot. than i found the perfect match for me. The jean is in the colour of bright pink or usually called barbie pink.
here are the pictures of it.

my room is very messy right now. because i'm doing this packing for tomorrow. I'm gonna go back to my hometown in riau. Well, riau is in indonesia. You guys can go google it, if you wanna know about it. I'm going back to my hometown to meet my family. My mama, papa and my sister. I miss them a lot. i'm actually can't wait for tomorrow. Because my room is so messy, i can't show you how long is the jeans but. its called 7/8 jeggings. So, i think you guys can imagine it.
First i love the colour of it, the pocket and the button. Its so beautiful. So bright. I just love it.

last but not least.... are flat shoes!! i got this shoes from the little things she needs. (i love the name of the shop) it so comfortable. i love flat shoes. but, it doesn't mean i don't like heels. I love heels too. it just i haven't been wearing heels a lot, so my heels are not as many as my flats.

i think thats all for today. i'm gonna try harder to keep posting a lot. And, just for reminder, you guys can follow me on instagram --> ceceh_rika. Give comment to my pictures and i'll follow you back. Thanks for reading. Bye. xoxo

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Goods of June

I know, its kinda too late for june goods. But, i'm still gonna tell you anyway.
Some goods makes me happy and some just don't.

let's goo..
First, I'll go with accessories. These are my favorite rings by far.

i love them both. I'm wearing them in separate day. because i don't like the way something go too much on my fingers.

now, for hair products.
i have an oily hair, so i wash my hair almost everyday. Once a day. If i don't wash it so often, it'll get very oily and gross. But, because of i washed it every single day, my hair gets too dry at the end of the hair. So i need a very hydrating product to make my hair not too dry and also not too oily. i want it to be not oily but still shinning. So far, these are the best hair shampoo and conditioner for my hair. But, if you have something to recommend for my hair, please, please give a comment. 

These hair products (herbal essences hello hydration) are very good. They smells good too. love it. Very refreshing. For you with dry hair, i recommend this one for you. Even though i'm the kind of person who like to explore about hair products. If you haven't try this one, go an try! :)

Next one is eyeliner.
this eyeliner was brought by my mom. She said a lot of her friends daughter use this eyeliner. So she bought it for me. How thoughtful my mom is. She is the sweetest mom ever. I love you, mom!
Anyway, this eyeliner is from etude house. Its a korean product. its called Proof 10 liquid liner.

the colour of the eyeliner is black. Very nice product. It stays for very long time. It didn't crease easily. But the down side is, when you apply it to your eyelids, it take few time to dry out. A little bit longer than the other products i've used. Around one minute or more. So i gotta close my eyes for few moment before it get dry. So when i'm late for something, this eyeliner is totally not in my list.

this is the look of the brush. Very thin and very easy for helping me applying it. You can see how black it is. I'm applying it to my wrist. :)

next, next, neeeext. :)
I have blackheads at my nose. its gross and it always drives me crazy. So i cleaned it once a week with 'black head ex pore strips' from the face shop. very nice product. But, i don't really recommend this product because of the price, you can get something more than a pore strip like this with that amount of money. It gives you the same effect, just like the cheaper pore strips. This is actually the first time i  bought it. I'm not gonna buy it again, so i'm not recommend it. Not because of it a bad product. But it just because of the price.

there's 7 sheets in it. So i can use it for more than a month. :)

i wanna tell you all, a little story about what happened to my face three days ago. i just bought a new makeup remover from biore. It called biore cleansing oil cotton. At the first time i used it, my face suddenly turns red. That is very bad. I'm glad i have a shooting cream from body shop. So i just apply my cream for one night, and the redness in my face fade away. How awesome is that cream? just in one night and those redness are gone. So, i am not reccomend this cleansing oil cotton. Especially for sensitve skin. 

Now i want to show you a toner. I got it free from body shop. And it also have the same type like the shooting cream that i've mentioned.

it also smells good. So i really recommend this product for you who have a problem of redness in your face. :)

Now, this one actually is my favorite body scrub of all time. Love the smell. Love the texture. i've been using it for years. I can't remember how many of this body scrub that i've bought. This body scrub is from body shop. I don't why i bought so many things from body shop. I just love them. this body scrub is called Moringa Body scrub.

Next one, is still from the body shop. Please don't get bored.
Its a body butter. Its very oily. For me who living in a tropical climate, this body butter are not suitable to used in the morning or afternoon or when i'm out. I reccomend it to be use at night when you're going to sleep. I keep changing the smell every time i'm out of it. But for this month, i used shea body butter.

Last, its my favorite bag. :)

i love the colours. i love everything about it. I've been wearing it a lot lately. :) 

I also want to tell you something. For you who have a acne problem on your skin. You can follow @acneskinsite on twitter. I don't know about the admin at all. i just found out. because recently i had acne problems. And they've been really helpful. :) They got a lot of twits that'll helps you to get rid of yours acne.

That's all i think. Thanks for reading. :) :) See you.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Make Up for Everyday

How are you guys today? Good? :)
Today, I'm gonna talk about make up.
Let's start!

Those are the make up that i used almost everyday.
Start with powder :
i use from The Body Shop loose face powder 02. For the brush, i got it free from Revlon. :)

I've been using it for few years ago until now. I like the way it makes my face glow. :)

Second, is MAC blot powder. Like i said before in the previous post about Oily eyelids (for you with oily eyelids' problem ). That girl reccomend me this blot powder. And it really works for oily skin. My make up stay all day long. For me with oily skin problem, blot powder is a savior!

Next, i used Yves Saint Laurent illuminator for my eyes. And it'll glow all day. It can be also used at The T zone to make your face glow more. I love it! No more weepy eyes! :)

For eyes make up.
First, i used black eyeshadows from The Body Shop.

But, sometimes.. if i wanna wear other colour of eyeshadows. I used eyeshadows from Estee Lauder. Actually i got it free from estee lauder after i bought fews things. And it also provided with one blush. See the big one on the left side. These colours are amazing. Really soft and it'll make you look more natural. Perfect for everyday use.

Second, a gel eyeliner from MAC (black)

Mascara. My choose for mascara is from Revlon. (black). It makes my eyelash goes more natural. and the best part is, this mascara didn't clot when i apply it. So my eyelash look natural.

For lips..
first i used the cocoa butter lip care stick from The Body Shop. It'll moist my lips. NO more dry lips! :)

Last, born lippy (raspberry) also from The Body Shop. And it shines too. Like a lip gloss. :)

Those are my favorites. Been using it for few years.

Are there some of those products your favorite too? :)