Sunday, 22 March 2015

Soap and glory review : One heck of a blot powder

Helloo. Today i am going to review a blot powder. As you all know, blot powder is a powder that suppose to keep your face matte. So if you have dry skin. You might have to skip this kind of product. But if you have oily skin? This is one of the product that alot of people, beauty gurus loving. That is the reason that i bought this powder on the very first place. It came in a very characteristic packaging. Typical soap n glory. Love the packaging. The texture of the powder is very smooth and mild. Loves the texture. It doesnot have any scent. So if you dont like scented product, you dont have to worry about this one, because this product dont have any scent. Came in with a mirror and a puff. Which i lost the puff. Typical me. Hahhaha

Now, it does keep my face matte. It applies beautifully on my face. I really really wish i can love them. But, after 3 days of putting them on my face. I starting to have bumps. Specially on my forehead. Which is annoying. Because this product is a very good one. But sadly, it just not working for me. 

But, i do still use them. Like i said before, i have extremely crazy oily eyelids. So would use this blot powder after i put my eye primer. Which this poduct works exactly the same as the MAC blot powder, but less coverage. The colour of the powder is a perfect match for me. Its not too dark like the one from MAC. 

I did talk about the oily eyelids problem before. Please check them out, if you think your eyeshadows or you eyeliner creases. 

Back to the powder. I would give it a five stars, if its not breaking me out. And if there are no bumps coming out. So i think for what it says about it suppose to blot your face, keep them matte, i think this product doing an amazing job. 

Hope my reviews about the powder are helpfull. Thanks for reading, and see you guys next time, on my another product review. Thanks.. Bye my loves.. Xoxo