Monday, 13 August 2012

Things That I Love Right Now

its been a while,
i just lost my blackberry few weeks ago..and all of the pictures that i wanna upload on my blog are gone..
so i gotta start over. Instead of getting a new blackberry, i change my direction to iphone. Well, it because of i wanna show a lot of pictures to everyone right away with instagram (you can follow me : ceceh_rika) and also because i love to take pictures about almost everything and iphone got better camera. So, yes. I'm with iphone now.
not as much as i want to tell you all. but, here are some of my things that i love the most for now.

As you now, i'm very addicted to rings. I'm gonna show you, my favorite ring for now
This is it!
3 in 1. I love it so much. Been wearing it a lot, eventhough its kinda hard to move my finger as usual. But it was so worth it!

Well, this is me with the ring. Actually its not only the ring that i wanna show you, but also my haiiiiirrrrrr~~ .I change the colour of it. If you guys notice i was in light brown before and now i'm in black.. deeeeep black. I'm so happy that i got this colour. I love it so much.

okay. next. I've been watching on youtube and i'm falling in love with coloured jeans. Especially in the colour of pink. So, i've been searching a lot. than i found the perfect match for me. The jean is in the colour of bright pink or usually called barbie pink.
here are the pictures of it.

my room is very messy right now. because i'm doing this packing for tomorrow. I'm gonna go back to my hometown in riau. Well, riau is in indonesia. You guys can go google it, if you wanna know about it. I'm going back to my hometown to meet my family. My mama, papa and my sister. I miss them a lot. i'm actually can't wait for tomorrow. Because my room is so messy, i can't show you how long is the jeans but. its called 7/8 jeggings. So, i think you guys can imagine it.
First i love the colour of it, the pocket and the button. Its so beautiful. So bright. I just love it.

last but not least.... are flat shoes!! i got this shoes from the little things she needs. (i love the name of the shop) it so comfortable. i love flat shoes. but, it doesn't mean i don't like heels. I love heels too. it just i haven't been wearing heels a lot, so my heels are not as many as my flats.

i think thats all for today. i'm gonna try harder to keep posting a lot. And, just for reminder, you guys can follow me on instagram --> ceceh_rika. Give comment to my pictures and i'll follow you back. Thanks for reading. Bye. xoxo


  1. Heey your blog is soo cute :) I love your design as well.
    would you like to follow each other?

    xx BBella

    1. thank you. Of course we can! :)
      check your follower!

  2. That ring is so cute and i love the ballet flats! xo

  3. those rings are sooooo cute! love them :)