Friday, 14 September 2012

July and August Favorites!!

I know its very late for favorites product of the month. But, better late than never, right?

So lets start! :) :)

First is foundation. Actually this is the very first foundation that i ever use. My mom bought it for me. and its CLARINS Natural Radiance Foundations. Well, i like it. It doesn't give full coverage, just medium. Because some of my acne spots are still visible. But, it feels very light and natural. And i dont have to use a lot of amount of it. Just a little bit and it goes through all of my face. And it also smells very nice. I'm using in the colour = ivory. :)

Second is my CLARINS Loose Powder. I'm gonna mention a lot of clarins' product. hahaha. Well, before using clarins loose powder, i'm using the body shop loose powder for around 1 or 2 years. At first, it was very fine using the body shop one, but then this past few months, i've been having breakouts. So, i change the whole product for morning routine. And most of them are clarins' products now. I must say that clarins products are very nice. And it doesn't give me any breakouts. So, i'm in love with clarins now. :) :) Here is the picture of clarins loose powder that i use.


 Third .... aree my favorite eyeshadows. First is my couture colour eyeshadows palette from dior. In number 734. I've been using it so much. I'm in love with this product. love the colours, love the packaging.. Love love love...

Next eyeshadows is from NYX. The differences between this and dior is.... Dior  eyeshadows that i bought are the eyeshadows with shimmer and nyx one is without shimmer. Love the colour also, makes my eyes look very natural. Lovely eyeshadows. :)

Next one, is a baby lip balm from maybelline.. Its just a clear balm. i actually wanted the pink colour one because i watched it on you tube and it looks so cute, but that one aren't available in Indonesia. So, i just go on and try the clear one. it smells so good. Very mosturizing when you apply it. :) Actually the best part of this balm is the smell of it is so amazingly fresh. i got the orange one, so obviously it'll smell like orange. :)

Mascara, i got two favorite mascara. I'm using them both at the same time. Because each of them give me different function. First one is the max factor false lash effect mascara. This mascara is good for length. So if you want more length to yourr eyelashes, this is a good one.

Second mascara is the falsies from maybelline. In black. This mascara will give you more thickness. So if you want more drama to your eyelashes, like i do,, this mascara is perfect for that :) Well, i use the max factor mascara first to give me some length then i'll wait till it dry like around 30 seconds or more, then i'll apply the maybelline falsies to give more thickness and a full drama look eyelashes. :)

For Cleanser, i'm using the clarins one too. Best part is, i didn't breakout anymore after i change my beauty products. So if you have the acne problem. You could give it a try with clarins. :) But, it just in my opinion because i got better by changing my cleanser, my loose powder to clarins.

And last one is Perfume. And its from versace. I didn't brought the full size or the big size. I bought the smaller size. And i've been crazy about this scent. It so fresh. Elegant. :)

Songs that i've been listening (my favorites) :
Little mix - Wings
Cher Lloyd - Want You Back
Cher Lloyd - With Love
Bridgit Mendler - Ready or Not
Jasmine Ash - I Wished For You
Alicia Keys ft Nicki Minaj - Girl On Fire
Rachel Platten - Work of Art

I think thats all. Thank you for reading :) xoxoxo


  1. That Dior eyeshadow kit looks awesome :)
    (Btw, for me the best cure for pimples are natural cosmetics, but if I'm stressed out I get them, no matter what skin products I use ;p In that case only slowing down will help ;p)

    xxx Lara

    1. sorry for the late reply sweetie.
      i am very agree about slowing down. :) :)

      i did what you said, i 'take a break' from make up for like a day when i'm staying at home all day. and it did help!
      <3 <3

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    1. of course, check my comment on your blog!! :) :)