Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Goods of June

I know, its kinda too late for june goods. But, i'm still gonna tell you anyway.
Some goods makes me happy and some just don't.

let's goo..
First, I'll go with accessories. These are my favorite rings by far.

i love them both. I'm wearing them in separate day. because i don't like the way something go too much on my fingers.

now, for hair products.
i have an oily hair, so i wash my hair almost everyday. Once a day. If i don't wash it so often, it'll get very oily and gross. But, because of i washed it every single day, my hair gets too dry at the end of the hair. So i need a very hydrating product to make my hair not too dry and also not too oily. i want it to be not oily but still shinning. So far, these are the best hair shampoo and conditioner for my hair. But, if you have something to recommend for my hair, please, please give a comment. 

These hair products (herbal essences hello hydration) are very good. They smells good too. love it. Very refreshing. For you with dry hair, i recommend this one for you. Even though i'm the kind of person who like to explore about hair products. If you haven't try this one, go an try! :)

Next one is eyeliner.
this eyeliner was brought by my mom. She said a lot of her friends daughter use this eyeliner. So she bought it for me. How thoughtful my mom is. She is the sweetest mom ever. I love you, mom!
Anyway, this eyeliner is from etude house. Its a korean product. its called Proof 10 liquid liner.

the colour of the eyeliner is black. Very nice product. It stays for very long time. It didn't crease easily. But the down side is, when you apply it to your eyelids, it take few time to dry out. A little bit longer than the other products i've used. Around one minute or more. So i gotta close my eyes for few moment before it get dry. So when i'm late for something, this eyeliner is totally not in my list.

this is the look of the brush. Very thin and very easy for helping me applying it. You can see how black it is. I'm applying it to my wrist. :)

next, next, neeeext. :)
I have blackheads at my nose. its gross and it always drives me crazy. So i cleaned it once a week with 'black head ex pore strips' from the face shop. very nice product. But, i don't really recommend this product because of the price, you can get something more than a pore strip like this with that amount of money. It gives you the same effect, just like the cheaper pore strips. This is actually the first time i  bought it. I'm not gonna buy it again, so i'm not recommend it. Not because of it a bad product. But it just because of the price.

there's 7 sheets in it. So i can use it for more than a month. :)

i wanna tell you all, a little story about what happened to my face three days ago. i just bought a new makeup remover from biore. It called biore cleansing oil cotton. At the first time i used it, my face suddenly turns red. That is very bad. I'm glad i have a shooting cream from body shop. So i just apply my cream for one night, and the redness in my face fade away. How awesome is that cream? just in one night and those redness are gone. So, i am not reccomend this cleansing oil cotton. Especially for sensitve skin. 

Now i want to show you a toner. I got it free from body shop. And it also have the same type like the shooting cream that i've mentioned.

it also smells good. So i really recommend this product for you who have a problem of redness in your face. :)

Now, this one actually is my favorite body scrub of all time. Love the smell. Love the texture. i've been using it for years. I can't remember how many of this body scrub that i've bought. This body scrub is from body shop. I don't why i bought so many things from body shop. I just love them. this body scrub is called Moringa Body scrub.

Next one, is still from the body shop. Please don't get bored.
Its a body butter. Its very oily. For me who living in a tropical climate, this body butter are not suitable to used in the morning or afternoon or when i'm out. I reccomend it to be use at night when you're going to sleep. I keep changing the smell every time i'm out of it. But for this month, i used shea body butter.

Last, its my favorite bag. :)

i love the colours. i love everything about it. I've been wearing it a lot lately. :) 

I also want to tell you something. For you who have a acne problem on your skin. You can follow @acneskinsite on twitter. I don't know about the admin at all. i just found out. because recently i had acne problems. And they've been really helpful. :) They got a lot of twits that'll helps you to get rid of yours acne.

That's all i think. Thanks for reading. :) :) See you.


  1. I have the same hair problem as yours. I can recommend you Fresh Soy Shampoo, the best one I've experienced. Following you!

    1. fresh soy? i don't think i can find in my place. But, i'll google it. thanks for telling. :)

  2. ooh i love the rings! theyre soooooo cute!

    1. they totally are my favorites! :)

  3. That's a really cute bag! :) I need some nice clutch too.

    Thank you for the comment! I'm following back on GFC & Bloglovin.

    Indie by heart

    1. i bought that bag from new look. you should find some cute clutch there too.. :) :)

  4. Thank you for your compliment! For skincare, currently I am very addicted with LUSH organic mask and I think it really improves my skin. I used the Body Shop body scrub too. I really love their fragrance :)

  5. Cool post! I love that kiss ring. I am CRAZY over rings haha. I definitely agree that Herbal Essences work! Also, cute clutch. :]

    P.S. Thanks for checking out my IMATS post part I and for following. I'm following back!

    Lots of love, B
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

    1. thank you sweetie :) i'm crazy bout rings too!! :)
      thank you for following back :)

  6. thankyou for sharing!
    esp about acne problem :D
    really need ❤ hahaha