Sunday, 28 June 2015

Weekend Getaway!! OTTD

Well, Heeellloooo everyone.
First of all, happy fasting to all of the muslims in the world.
Hope all of us having a fantastic ramadhan.

Now, now..
This saturday, which is yersterday.
I awas going to this new resort/ plaza/mall.
I dont really know what it is.
But its a place where theres shopping placs..
cafes, resorts, beaches and hotels.

Its just open, i believe its was last month.
I dont really know.
All i know there was this big event when it was opening.
Like a lot of indonesians singers and band are invited.
Sadly i missed everything about it, because of my works.
So yeah. I just got the time to go to that place
Which is called Lagoi Bay, this saturday.
It was a hot day. Very very hot.
And the hotness of the day made me sicks.
Right now i am in my cold, which is getting better. Thank God.

When i arrived there, there are not a lot people hanging around.
Maybe because it still new or whatever.
The place was beautiful. Very fun place to hang around.
To just relax. Except the heat of the sun that day.
And yes i am planning to go there again with my bestie..
Hopefully i can share the happiness i am having next time with you here.
If not, you can always check it on my instaagram: ceceh_rika

Well, lets get to the outfit.
Thank God, i'm wearing a casual look.
Because there was a lot of walking.
Sneakers just the best at this moment!

So my neon knitted sheer sweater is from zara.
I bought the black skort from @ichalycious on instagram
the bag also bought from instagram @ayubrandedbags
As you can see, i love shopping through instagram. Yaeh girl!! LOL
the sneaker i bought it in a local store in Tnajungpinang.
Sorry i dont remember the name of the store.
But if you live in tanjungpinang, it is at the Pinang City walk.
They are pretty easy to find.

So, yeah, here are the pitures of my hot sunny day outfit.
and see next time! bye my loves xoxo


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