Friday, 12 June 2015

Leather Jacket and Dress

How you guys been doing?

A little story that i am going to tell
I made  new friend. Well, actually he is working at my cafe now
Thats how i know him

I found out lately the he loves taking pictures
So, its been a week now.
and he's been taking a lot of pictures with me.

Hopefully, i can make more outfits post in the future
I think its gonna be easy because he is helping me. Finger cross!

These are the pictures of my outfit of the day. OOTD.

An edgy leather jacket pair with a dress
actually this outfits are worn a lot in the past
because obviously, its my favorite outfit.
Its suits for any kind of ocassions.
I can wear them at night and in the morning.
For colds rainy weather and hot sunny day.
Hope you guys enjoy this post.
And i will see you all next time. Bye. xoxo

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