Saturday, 4 January 2014

The Balm Nude Tude Review

Hello my sweethearts..
how is your new year??
Two days ago i got sick. but its not a big deal.
Just cold. so i've been home for like two days now.
right now, i am so much better.. :))

now, today i'm gonna do a review for the balm nude tude eyeshadows pallete.
which everybody already talk about it. but still i wanna give my opinion about it.
i have this pallete for a few months. probably three or four months.
i've been using it for quite some time. multiple times.
and i really really loving it.

First, the pallete itself came with an interesing packaging.
not looking like a high end product. but its quite unique.

it has 12 eyeshadows. 4 of them are matte. and the rest are shimmery. 
the packaging is very travel friendly. very sleek. 
my favorite eyeshadows would be the snobby : which is the gold one, sexy : purple/burgundy matte, and the
saasy : white shimmering one. but all of them are nice for everyday look or even for a night out look.
all of the shadows are very pigmented and creamy. a little bit fall out. especially the black matte shadows(serious). but you can always put your foundation last after the shadows are on the eyes.

they are very lovely. worth the price. the brush it came with is also very usable. nice quality.

here are the swatches.

i hope this post would be usefull.
thanks for reading.
hope you all have an awesome new year!! <3 div="">

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  1. I also got a cold some days ago, cool new year's eve, isn't it? :D
    I like your swatches, pretty colours.

    Bella B.

  2. This seems like a lovely palette. :) Sometimes when I use cheaper eye shadows I use moist applicator / brush, so the colour wont fall off so easily. :) Hmm and I guess I've also been able to brush off the fall outs easily with big kKabuki or other bigger blusher brush, gently wiping the excess color from the cheekbones. :)

    Thanks for stopping by some time ago! Happy new year.

    x Satu
    Indie by heart