Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Hello my dear lovely ones,
today i wanna share with you all about things that i did before the new year eve.
what places that i go, what outfits that i wore , food and etc..
And also about my little tiny new year eve's party. <3 p="">
Now let's start from the outfits that i wore. Well because for me, thats the fun part!
I'm wearing a leather jacket from forever 21. its my very first leather jacket.
and i am obsessed! i think its so edgy. and pretty rock n roll.
i never really try this kind of style. and i'm liking it a lot!
it was so comfy yet also stylish (well at least for me it is, lol)
and somehow it shows another part of me, that probably nobody know about.
I also never thought that it would suited me. but at the end of the day, its my favorite outfit of the year!
i paired it with a grey tank top from new look. it is also my very first tank top with studded and graphic.
Totally obsessed with it. And i cannot wait to collect more graphic tank top.

i wanted the look to be all black. because i'm just feeling like doing it. haha
so i paired it with legging and a black ankle boots. and thats also my very first boots.

now, for the bag. i wore a studded bag to make it more and more edgy. and for accesories i go
with a few rings and mini rings. With a rose gold guess watch. And i'm wearing the revlon just bitten
kisable balm stain in precious.

before me and my friends start the new year eve's party. we actually go shopping and i bought a
jean short from zara. Because they are on sale, and i dont have a jean short yet, so i was thinking
that it would be a nice investment on my wardrobe.
The three of us had a dinner at fish n co, kota kasablanka mall. And this is what i ate. a new york's fish n chips and a lime juice. I didn't take picture of what my friends ate. but incase you were wondering what they ate, it was BBQ chicken wings, the best fish n chips, lemon tea and a hot cappucino.

oh, i almost forgot. I'm actually in jakarta right now. i'm not at my home. because i'm here
to learn some accupuncture and chinesse medicine. wish me luck. and my very first wish for this year is i
want to finish my accupuncture lessons this month(january). wish me luck for the exam!! <3 p="">
now the most fun part is.
The new year eve's party!!!
we were going to the cheese cake factory to celebrate it.
we watch fireworks and release a sky latern. which, it was my very first time releasing sky latern.
it was so much fun!! we had a blast!!

these are the cakes that we ate.

and here are some photos of us.
i was celebrating it with rengga. i know him approximately for five years
and this our first new year eve's party. he is so funny and we laugh a lot.
 and i'm also celebrating it with akbar.
i know him for only two days,  but he is just so funny and so friendly. i'm so blessed that i can
celebrate the new year with both of them.

and the last thing that i wanna share is. who is my inspiration for my outfits. and they are
claire marshall and jennim from the youtube.

wish all of you have an awesome new year!!
happy new year 2014 my loves!!! xoxoxo <3 p="">

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twitter : ceceh_rika

music i listened the most lately :
Rehab -Rihanna
Sexy can i - Ray J ft Yung berg
Your heart beats - slow magic
i'm coming home - mashup germany


  1. Cool images and outfit you look very pretty. HNY to you doll thank you for visiting my blog.

  2. i love your outfit! so rockish esspecially the shoes!

  3. Great outfit choice sweety! Happy new year xx