Saturday, 1 February 2014

Three Months in Jakarta

Hello my lovelies :)
Happy Chinese New Year and also Happy February to all of us! :)
Wish Everyone a blessed year :) xoxo

If you guys already read few of my last posts,
you might know that i've been in jakarta for around 4 years.
and then i move back to my hometown for 10 months.
Then after that i go back to jakarta again to learn about accupuncture.
And thanks to my Alloh, i past the test.
Well, i still have one last test on april.
But for now i back in my hometown again.

I feel very relax. Things are a
little bit easier here than in jakarta.
Because, jakarta is a big old city with full of people.
Too many things had to be done in one time in jakarta.
So i pretty relax now. haha.
I'm starting to get back on my routine here.

Well, right now i wanna share things i've done in jakarta for these last few months.
Sudddenly, after i edited these pictures. I realize how lucky i am.
Having friends beside me everytime i needed them.
I feel very blessed.
in three months i had lots of fun. And also, it was my very first time having
a new year party at jakarta with my friends.
I did attend to two wedding parties.
Blessed them. And hope both couples with tons of happiness :)

Here are those pictures. xoxo

Thanks for reading and hope you guys have a wonderful chinese new year
Happy february :)
and see you all in my next post :)

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  1. great post! Happy weekend. :)

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  2. Cute photos :)

    Thanks for the comment on my blog the other day xx